Holistic Care

Holistic Care is an approach to medical treatments which involves the embracing of four core areas of the patient’s life – Physical, emotional, social and spiritual.

At Felicity, we address the patient’s issues in each of these areas and provide a customised holistic care plan to improve the overall quality of their response to our treatments.

Following are a few of the services provided at Felicity as a part of our Holistic Approach.

Department's Services

Acupuncture aids fertility & is known to show great results both in men and women. It can be thought of as a successful treatment in restoring fertility by improving the sperm quantity & quality and the ovaries function. It also helps in balancing the endocrine system and hormones.
At Felicity, we provide acupuncture treatments for patients in need.

Reflexology is not your regular massage. It’s the medical treatment of targeting a specific organ and releasing the stressed muscles by professionally trained experts.
Research suggests that it has played a major role in helping women balance hormones and eventually conceive.
At Felicity, our experts ensure that the patients receive the necessary reflexology treatment.

Nutrition is known to play a major role in one’s normal life alone. The wonders it can and has done for couples trying to conceive is unmatched.
Our nationally accredited expert nutritionists help you and your partner through the treatments by providing a tailored diet plan and ensuring you follow it.

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