Calcium Ionophore activation


  • When a sperm meets an egg, it triggers something called ‘egg activation’ which begins the process of fertilisation and embryo development. This activation process is caused by sperm factors which lead to an increase of calcium in the oocyte.
  • If the sperm are lacking these factors or the oocytes don’t respond to the factors properly, then the activation process may not occur and fertilisation can fail.
  • The ICSI procedure improves fertilization rates in cases of male factor infertility, fertilization failure still occurs in 1-5% in ICSI cycles. The main cause of failed fertilization is failure to complete oocyte activation.
  • Artificial oocyte activation (AOA) is an effective method to avoid total fertilization failure in IVF/ICSI cycles.


  • At present, several methods are available to activate the oocytes through physical and chemical stimulation, including electromechanical stimulation, calcium activation [calcium ionophore (A23187) or ionomycin], strontium chloride activation, phospholipase C zeta (PLCζ) activation
  • The use of calcium ionophore (A23187) is one of the most efficient oocyte activation methods widely used in clinical practice which aims to help to activate the egg and improve fertilisation.
  • Calcium ionophore( A23187), which can mimic the natural pattern of calcium rise resulting in effectively increasing intracellular calcium levels which can activate oocytes, initiate fertilization and help obtain normal embryos.


  • Immediately after your oocytes have been injected using conventional ICSI they are placed in a ready-to-use calcium ionophore solution for 15 minutes. They are then rinsed to remove the calcium ionophore and placed in an incubator and checked to see if any have fertilised the following morning


  • The patients suffered at least one complete fertilization failure or low fertilization rate after performing standard ICSI/IVF in the previous cycle
  • The sperm of the patients has the following characteristics: globozoospermia, acrosomal deletion or small, severe head deformity, etc.
  • Sperm of testicular origin and/or sperm that has been freeze-thawed.
  • The MII oocytes were IVM cultured and/or freeze-thawed.


The success rate of calcium ionophore IVF varies depending on individual factors like age and fertility health. However, it has shown promising results in improving fertilization rates, particularly in cases of previous failed fertilization or poor embryo quality. At Felicity IVF and Fertility Center, we offer personalized assessments and support to optimize your chances of success with calcium ionophore activation, guiding you through your fertility journey with care and expertise.

Egg activation involves the triggering of biochemical processes within the egg to resume development after fertilization. Calcium ionophore activation is a technique used to artificially induce this process by introducing calcium ions into the egg, mimicking the natural fertilization process. At Felicity IVF and Fertility Center, we utilize calcium ionophore activation as part of our advanced fertility treatments, providing personalized care and support to maximize your chances of successful conception.

A calcium ionophore works by facilitating the influx of calcium ions into the egg, which triggers biochemical processes necessary for egg activation and embryo development. At Felicity IVF and Fertility Center, we utilize calcium ionophore activation as part of our advanced fertility treatments to enhance the chances of successful conception.

Calcium ionophore facilitates the entry of calcium ions into the egg, triggering biochemical processes that initiate egg activation. This includes resuming meiosis, cortical granule exocytosis, and pronuclear formation, essential for successful embryo development. At Felicity IVF and Fertility Center, we utilize calcium ionophore activation to enhance the chances of successful conception, providing personalized care and support throughout your fertility journey.

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