About Best IVF Center in Hyderabad

The Path

Felicity, The Best IVF Center in Hyderabad – A modern-day fertility, and reproductive healthcare brand. Founded on the principles of one size doesn’t fit all and judgement is an attribute of the insensitive, we deliver modern-day and customised healthcare means to everyone with parenthood and fertility goals. With a passion to deliver comfort, confidence, and excellence, Felicity creates a warm and non-judgmental space. Space where everyone is always welcome!

The Destination

The ever-growing challenges of busier lifestyles, unsupervised nutrition, and unattended mental and physical health lead to fertility issues and problematic reproductive health. The clinical and traditional approach to reproductive health issues leading to a further stigma and rise in the infertility rate of the nation. The goal is to help increase the fertility rate and to eradicate the challenges.

What Do We Do

At Felicity – The Best IVF Center in Hyderabad, we run one of the biggest treatment drives for fertility. Complications in conceiving are taboo even in today’s era and we are here to break the stereotypes, bust the myths and address every issue in the book.

Starting with providing consultation to helping couples conceive, our fertility treatments are highly precise and custom in nature. Empathy also plays a significant role in embracing our mission and vision.

Our Vision

To be known as the most reliable and trusted brand of reproductive healthcare and associated modern-day medical solutions. To be a leader in transforming the approach towards reproduction, and IVF.

Our Mission

Becoming the go-to institute choice when it comes to IVF, reproductive and gynaec health. To introduce IVF and Fertility care as a mainstream healthcare service in India.

Why Choose Us


Every scan performed at Felicity is highly precise and safe in nature. Using the best equipment and modern techniques, the scans are highly reliable and facilitate strong information for decision making.


We’re nothing if not efficient and effective. Our collective experience, our high-end equipment, our reliable research and our values add to an overall quality that remains unmatched.


Felicity is not only founded by a few of the best medical brains of our nation but is also formed by them. Every doctor and member of staff is well-qualified for their role and well-experienced in their field.

Intensive programmes

With high success rates and world-renowned techniques in IVF,Felicity ensures a unique and super-speciality donor program with a 360-degree approach.

Custom Approach

“One size doesn’t fit all”. Like we have mentioned before, our unique approach and methodology to fertility drive our edge for our patients. We rely on intensive research and patient-precise data to facilitate reliable advice.

Innovative OT

You don’t send a soldier to war without giving them the best armour:
Every doctor at Felicity walks into the operation theatre with the confidence that comes from using highly efficient equipment. From world-class machine to scalpel, our OTs are here to give you the best treatment.


Felicity works beyond a shadow of a doubt. We leave no stone unturned and no question unanswered. Our integrity, transparency and ethics add to our patients’ well-being.

Yielding Plans of Action

Every doctor at Felicity curates a customized plan for assisted fertility for each of their patients and every such plan holds weight in terms of reliability and precision. Therefore, our plans of action are high-yielding and beneficial in their very nature.

The Felicity Fraternity

We promised to take care… and delivered

Testimonials Slider Feature

  • I am very thankful to Dr.Akhila and her team. Whole team was so understanding and always made us feel comfortable.

  • I strongly recommend Felicity to couples facing infertility issues. My wife and I are forever grateful to Felicity Clinic for giving us the right treatment.

  • I was almost on the verge of giving up after failing to achieve conception for the third consecutive time. Consulting Dr. Akhila was the best decision.