Best IVF Center in Kondapur, Hyderabad

Felicity IVF & Fertility Center, established as a beacon of hope in Kondapur, has been a reliable and esteemed IVF center for over 2 years now, catering to nearby areas such as Kukatpally, Gachibowli, Hitech  City, and beyond. Renowned for being one of the most reputable fertility clinics in Hyderabad, Felicity IVF has earned its position as a leader in the field.

Proudly standing as the best IVF center in Kondapur, Felicity IVF is a dedicated hub for comprehensive fertility treatments. Our center is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for a range of services including IVF, ICSI, PCOS, PCOD, IUI treatments, and Laparoscopy, specifically designed to address infertility. Our focus spans across various aspects of fertility care, including IVF, ICSI, IUI, PCOS, PCOD treatments, donor egg and embryo donation programs, and comprehensive services for male infertility.

We take pride in offering cost-effective infertility treatments, making advanced reproductive technologies accessible at affordable IVF, ICSI treatment, and IUI costs. With world-class infrastructure, our IVF center specializes in delivering the finest infertility treatments like IVF, ICSI, IUI, and laparoscopic procedures for infertility, including male infertility. At Felicity IVF, we combine our years of expertise and state-of-the-art reproductive treatments to create personalized treatment plans, tailored to meet the unique needs and aspirations of each individual or couple.

Why Choose Us for IVF

At Felicity IVF & Fertility Center, we understand that the journey to parenthood is unique and deeply personal. As the best IVF center in Kondapur, we are dedicated to providing you with world-class fertility treatments, tailored to your individual needs. Our state-of-the-art facility, combined with our experienced and compassionate team, ensures the highest standards of care and an impressive success rate. We are committed to turning your dream of parenthood into reality, with empathy, excellence, and expertise at the heart of everything we do.

Why Choose Us for IUI

Choosing the right fertility center is crucial for your IUI journey. At Felicity, recognized as the best IUI center in Kondapur, we bring you advanced IUI treatments performed by some of the most skilled professionals in the field. Our approach is not just about technology; it’s about understanding your story and providing a supportive environment where you feel valued and cared for. Our team’s dedication and personalized care make the difference, offering you the best chance of success.

How We Stand Ahead as Best IVF & IUI Centers

Felicity IVF stands at the forefront of IVF and IUI treatments in Kondapur. Our center is synonymous with innovation, quality, and successful outcomes. We adopt the latest advancements in reproductive technology, ensuring you receive the most effective treatments available. Our holistic approach considers not just the physical aspects of fertility treatment but also the emotional and psychological well-being of our patients. This comprehensive care model, combined with our transparent practices and compassionate approach, sets us apart as the leading IVF and IUI center in Kondapur.

Our Specialists

Our team of specialists at Felicity IVF are more than just experts in their field; they are pioneers in the journey of fertility. With years of experience and a passion for helping families grow, our specialists are recognized as the best IVF experts in Kondapur. They bring a wealth of knowledge, a track record of success, and a gentle, personalized approach to each case, ensuring that your journey with us is in the most capable hands.



MS (OBGY), Fellow in Reproductive Medicine, Infertility Specialist, Reproductive Endocrinologist

Dr. Pushyami Gorripati


BDS,MHM, Fellowship in clinical embryology Junior embryologist


Our success rates are among the highest in Kondapur, reflecting our commitment to providing the best possible care and treatment.

Our specialists will work closely with you to determine the most suitable treatment based on your individual circumstances.

We offer comprehensive support services, including counselling and support groups, to assist you throughout your journey.

The duration varies depending on individual cases. Our team will provide you with a detailed timeline specific to your treatment plan.

We recommend a balanced diet, regular exercise, and avoiding stress where possible. Our team can offer personalized advice based on your treatment.