This step begins with the patient stepping into the welcome confines of Felicity.
The consultation will involve a sit-down meeting with the patient and making a note of their concerns.


After the consultation, a thorough set of investigations are carried out so our doctors can obtain sufficient data about the patients’ current conditions.
These investigations are all carried out at the clinic with exceptional machines and state-of-the-art facilities.


Clinical and Laboratory immunological investigation of infertility factors and investigation of immunological reasons for repeated failures in IVF. Assessment & treatment of immunological problems.


  • Simple & basic assessments
  • Hormonal tests
  • Routine investigations


  • Simple or 3D transvaginal ultrasound.
  • Series of vaginal ultrasounds for ovulation monitoring.
  • Transvaginal color Doppler ultrasound to investigate endometrial receptivity in cases of infertility.
  • Ultrasound-guided transvaginal cyst aspirations.
  • An ultrasound test of testicles, prostate, seminal vesicles and Doppler of the scrotum to infertile men.
  • Reproductive endocrinology.
  • Investigation of endocrinological disorders of the couple, treatment & regulation before an attempt.

Diagnostic and interventional laparoscopies and hysteroscopies to investigate infertility problems in REA central operating rooms by the treating physician.


After a thorough understanding of the issues, the doctors may take some time for research (if need be)
In the research stage, the doctors will draw a detailed analysis of the patient’s concerns and will come up with a personalised treatment plan for them.

  Exploring Options

This will be another sit-down session with an in-detail analysis of the patient’s concerns and a tailored list of options.
The doctor will then ensure that the patient understands all their options and provide enough information for them to make a decision

  The Treatment

Once the patient has finalised on a procedure that is comfortable to them, the treatment begins.
In this stage, the patient is well taken care of by the doctors, nurses and the staff.
With constant care and check-up, the team will also be available for any concerns during this time.

  The Analysis & Post-treatment care

After the completion of the treatment, the expert team of doctors, nurses and staff will analyse the progress and the effectiveness of the treatment performed. While many medical procedures end at step 5, this additional step will add to the patient’s experience and help drive an edge for Felicity.
Post-procedural follow-up and care will take place till 1 month after the discharge of the patient.